My Room is Making me Sick!

The first technological advancement I wish to discuss is an air purifier because this appliance has virtually transformed by room. My room was making me sick! Can you imagine that in this modern era? And it was due… Read More

The Kindness of Others

I am continually surprised by how nice people are that I meet. Strangers will talk to you at the bus stop, in the supermarket, or at the movies. When lives intersect, there seems to be some kind of… Read More

Studying Abroad as an Advantage

One thing I like about being here is being exposed to the technology and lifestyle of somewhere else. That is not to say that I am partying every night, but it is interesting to see how people here… Read More

Not Being a Child of the Internet Age

It is hard to be so far from home, especially as most other students here can readily keep in touch with their family and friends. There are a few other students from Bangladesh here along with me, and… Read More

Alternative Heat Sources

I am living simply in a dorm without a thermostat. I just intuit the number—making a guess–according to how I feel. Sometimes I am comfortable and sometimes I am not. You have to adapt when living abroad in… Read More

The Value in Sharing Information

Information can be a valuable commodity. This fact is true on a small or large scale, too. For example, if I am hungry and I want to know the dining hall hours, this is information that is truly… Read More

What Inspires Me

It does amaze me about all the options I have here. People can ask google questions and it answers them. Everyone has a mobile phone that can go on the internet. They would rather text than talk to… Read More

The Logistics of Progress

It is not enough to be here and learn. I have to be able to apply this knowledge directly toward improving communication problems back home in Bangladesh. I am slowly discovering the scale of the work I have… Read More