Missing Yet Another Birthday

I enjoy sharing my experiences in America with all of you. You get an inside view of my life. Sometimes it has to do with school, with my adventures with friends and family, and sometimes the recounting of… Read More

Slowly Assimilating

As time goes by, I feel more at home in my new country. I have loved the experience of living in a different culture so far from home and trying to slowly assimilate. It wasn’t easy at first… Read More

Has to be a Better Way

I remember seeing a TV ad some time ago for an expensive watch. They wanted to stress that it was waterproof. People do value that benefit these days. It wasn’t good enough just to say that it was…. Read More

Making Practical Choices

School is my priority. After all, that’s why I am here. It occupies most of my time. There isn’t much free time left for socializing, but I squeeze it in. It is important to learn about another country… Read More

Taking a Day Off

I have always wanted to go to the beach but it didn’t seem like it would be much fun by myself. So I was pretty pleased when some friends suggested taking a day off. How exciting. I asked… Read More