Missing Yet Another Birthday

I enjoy sharing my experiences in America with all of you. You get an inside view of my life. Sometimes it has to do with school, with my adventures with friends and family, and sometimes the recounting of a purchase like a new mountain bike. My life is like any other. It is mundane at times and exciting at others. When I meet new people, I enjoy my time here most of all. I have learned to adapt to the culture, more and more every day. It surprised me that I bought the bike for my sister’s birthday. She is back home and I am missing yet another celebration. She will receive the surprise package in the mail and I hope it will add to her special day. I miss her so much and giving her something that I own myself makes us a bit closer as siblings.

I wanted to give her the bike as I had mentioned mine several times in emails and letters. Yes, I do write actual long-hand texts. She responded to my bike riding stories and I know I had the perfect gift. I don’t think she had a good bike as a child, and now as an adult it was about time. It was with pleasure that I send the birthday gift.

I got a good mountain bike designed for women at On Road and Mountain for the best in functionality, comfort, and performance. The measurements of a woman’s bike are unique to their proportions so you know you will be sitting tall and reaching the pedals. It is amazing what a few inches here and there can do. Women have long complained about stiff seats and handlebars that were too far away. Sometimes they are adjustable, but I don’t want to mess around with a wrench before I go on a ride. It’s not that it’s hard, but just not necessary. If you buy the right bike in the first place, you will never have to fuss with it when you are in a hurry.

My sister send photos of her on her new bike and she extolled its many virtues. She can go anywhere—hit the trails for fun with friends or stay on the road into town. At home, people often ride in packs for amusement and safety. They go on outings like we do in the U.S. Sometimes, on a nice day, it is time for a group picnic. We discuss the spot and vote so that the majority wins. It really doesn’t matter as there are a lot of great places back home and for me in America. Sooner or later, we hit all the spots. I like a scenic outing where I can take distant shots to post on Facebook and Instagram. Here I am again, I say. What is that city in the background? What is that pasture filled with cows? What about you? Have I tempted you to start riding? It’s great exercise and will tone you right up.