Making Practical Choices

School is my priority. After all, that’s why I am here. It occupies most of my time. There isn’t much free time left for socializing, but I squeeze it in. It is important to learn about another country through close contact with the people. You observe their customs and what is important to this person or that. When people know I am foreign, they offer information that I would otherwise not be privy to. Having a roommate is one of the best ways to get to know someone. We do most everything together which includes cleaning the room. It is not our favorite chore but with two of us, it gets done fast.

Somehow the carpet always seems dirty and we got the idea of purchasing a small lightweight vacuum that won’t take up much room, which we don’t have. It will be easy to transport if we move or someone wants to borrow it. Just because it is small, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. They build these mini size vacuums with powerful motors. The rug looks better all the time. With all the people coming and going in and out of our room, it gets a beating. People eat sitting on the floor so just imagine a spilled bag of potato chips or some wet tea bags. We want a clean environment which I can’t say about other residents of our dorm, but we do care. A quick going over the carpet once a week takes care of random debris. We shared the expense so it wasn’t a burden and it will be useful for years to come.

I am loath to loan the vacuum to others in fear that it might disappear. It is a very handy thing to have and someone might conveniently forget they have borrowed it. It operates like a dream. All you have to do is empty the little bag inside every month or so. You don’t have to replace it with new ones as it is made out of a sturdy fabric. It is designed to last. The vacuum comes with a small hose and some attachments you can use to clean furniture, window shades, and pillows. This about takes care of the entire contents of the room. We might get more efficient with our cleaning now that we have the vacuum.

You can pick it up with ease as it weighs next to nothing. We keep it under the bed so it can be pulled out at a moment’s notice if some sloppy visitor drops laundry soap or dirty sneakers. If they do, they get the evil eye and this behavior will not happen again. After all, as much as we like the vac, we don’t want to spend our lives cleaning. We allow a half hour on Saturday as our time and no more. It is nice to have a clean room and we made a practical choice with the lightweight vacuum. Even if you own a big one, get this small unit and see how it takes care of nooks and crannies.