Taking a Day Off

I have always wanted to go to the beach but it didn’t seem like it would be much fun by myself.

So I was pretty pleased when some friends suggested taking a day off. How exciting. I asked what I could bring. It seems that there are a lot of things you have to take with you. It seems like a bit of a bother but if each person were assigned to an item, it would work out. My job was to rent a great beach chair so I could sit comfortably and study. My friends know that I hit the books every chance I can get so they thought the chair would be appropriate. Some of my friends suggested an umbrella for shade as long as we had a strong fellow to carry it and set it up. It is cumbersome but well worth it on a very hot and sunny day.

In addition to the beach chair, I offered to make sandwiches. Someone had a cooler and we could store them there for the day along with cold beverages. I agreed to meet him at his house before we set out on our outing so I could fill the cooler. I also had packages of snacks and cookies as it was no doubt going to be a very long day. Everyone was reminded to apply sunscreen and to bring plenty of back up. Getting burned is something new to me and I didn’t like the description. Maybe the umbrella idea was a sound one after all. You are particularly prone to sunburn when you spend a lot of time in the water. And we go to the beach to enjoy the water after all. I bought the best sunscreen I could find and borrowed a floppy beach had to protect my face. It seems that everyone had the same idea. There were some pretty crazy hats.

The beach day was a roaring success and we all had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches and said they preferred them to boring hot dogs. We all had music playing on our iPhones which lent an air of gaiety to the outing. We talked for hours and someone had brought a board game. We took turns playing and the time passed quickly. As the sun was going down, we started to pack up all of our items and get them in the van. The umbrella took up most of the space and next the beach chair. I was certainly grateful for it and felt guilty that I was the only one to enjoy it. Others seemed to like to bake in the sun on colorful over-sized towels. We shook the sand from the towels and our clothing and marched barefoot across the warm sand. It was our last moment of beach heaven. I hope we return soon. I find that I do like the beach more than I thought and I didn’t even get a little burned. If you come prepared, you will be fine.