My Room is Making me Sick!

The first technological advancement I wish to discuss is an air purifier because this appliance has virtually transformed by room. My room was making me sick! Can you imagine that in this modern era? And it was due to the mold that was growing from excess moisture in the atmosphere. You could see it clearly: smudges of grayish black goo that get into your lungs if you breather it in. It is a real health hazard. It is hard to remove. I know this because we once had a flood at home and had to borrow heaters to run day and night to dry up the mold. There is an easier way for small quantities. A quality air purifier is designed to rid the air of pollen, bacteria, odors, smoke, allergens, germs, and mold, so it was the first order of business for me upon moving into my new room. While I didn’t yet have allergies, the mold could be leading the way.

It was comforting to know that you can improve indoor air quality for less than a hundred dollars. It is all about keen filtering systems that are rated for efficiency. It has to do with the percentage of airborne mold particles that are removed by the purifier with each air passage. Not feeling so will for a while, I opted for top quality and portability so I can move the device from room to room. You only need a small one to take care of one modest size sleeping room. It is easy to operate and clean; you only change the filter now and then. It is a good thing I was able to find a small air purifier when studying abroad and one that would work with the existing electrical system.

When you look at mold growing indoors, you take it as a sign of lack of cleanliness. It is hard to eradicate and harder yet to imagine it lining your lungs. People can get really sick if it lurks inside walls and you can’t get at it. Since mold is a fact of life in some humid climates, you can air out your room to keep it dry and above all employ the air purifier the first chance you can get. I noticed an immediate improvement after a few days and I pray the appliance will run smoothly and never break down.