Alternative Heat Sources

I am living simply in a dorm without a thermostat. I just intuit the number—making a guess–according to how I feel. Sometimes I am comfortable and sometimes I am not. You have to adapt when living abroad in certain climates. I am used to knowing the temperature so it is strange to merely guess. In any case, I want to be able to control my living space in any way I can. This takes some ingenuity.

Since I cannot adjust or set the desired temperature like a modern system, I am thinking about getting a small room sized humidifier. These can be anything from a small console model to a larger floor unit. I think the modest size will do. It is economical and doesn’t take up much room. I want to be able to inject some moisture into the air, in the form of steam or fine mist, when it gets really dry and I am having trouble sleeping. Labored breathing can result from an arid environment. You can get sore throats and dry hacking coughs. I would put it away during the wet months when things get soggy and humid. What a contrast!

You can get a digital humidistat for precise control, but I would be happy getting in the ballpark of my comfort level. I would love to control airborne dust. In addition to these roles, humidifiers can go a long a way to warm up the air with moisture and thus they can be seen as an alternative heat source. This appliance is a multi-tasker par excellence.

Dry air makes for a colder winter where I am living at present. It goes right through you. Without a thermostat, I am at the mercy of whatever heat is being supplied. Thus, having a warm-mist option on an otherwise cool-mist humidifier is a big win. If I had a big budget I would opt for the Dyson hygienic mist humidifier, but it is a whopping five hundred dollars. This is the principle that I am looking for. It is billed as the “tool for all seasons” cool mist in the summer and warm in the winter. It filters impurities for 18 long hours at a time and it even has a sleep timer. What I wouldn’t give to have this device. It has intelligent climate control at your fingertips. I love their promotional material.

While I am out and about most of the day, it is at night that the air quality becomes a real issue. As much as I want to adapt like a well-seasoned traveler, sometimes it is hard. You don’t want to admit it, but you don’t want to go too native. While you can’t always take the comforts of home along with you, a humidifier of any type would be something truly special to buy. A product that can make sleeping easier in any room is worth its weight in gold: in the case of the Dyson, a $500 ingot.

The Dyson gets rave reviews making it so tempting to consider.